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What is Jsh ?


Jsh is basically a java shell or a java launcehr. That is, a program with a prompt that allows you to type sequence of commands. For example, with Jsh, you can start a java program simply by typing it's main class.

As jsh becomes more sophisticated, it will end up being a full application manager, with a graphical user interface, application installation / desinstllation, better OS integration, etc...

The aim is to allow ordinary computer users, as well as experts, to use applications in Java in their daily life. Sounds good eh ?

Jsh is an opensource project. You can download source code, modify it, do whatever you want with it. Simply send us a message !

Screenshot 1


This screenshot shows you a simple session in jsh. You can see the jsh prompt, what commands have been entered, and the memory monitor (called by typing mmon) on top of it.

Screenshot 2


Shows JFTP (ftp client) and JEXT (java editor) running in the same jvm, thanks to jsh.

An utility called Skinlf is used in this jsh to change the look and feel of all these applications.

Screenshot 3


Shows jBuilder 4 (yes !!), Escape browser, Jos Media Player playing an MP3 and JExplorer running in the same jvm !

Only 32Mo of memory used for all these apps.




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