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Appliweb Status


ppliWeb is an ongoing project. You can only download a demonstration and proof of concept release.
Many more stages are required before releasing a full v1.0 product.
We need to develop the following :

  • Great graphical buttons which download the images after displaying the text. (like HTML, you see the text first, and then the images are downloaded while you read). <= Done !
  • XML description pages support <= Done !
  • The user interface of the Serializer tool needs to be more complete. <= Done !
  • A user guide should be written <= Current

The source code can be sent to anyone asking for them. For now, it's not open source, but everything can change...
Check the news often on the main page !

Release 1.0

The first release of AppliWeb has the following minimal features :

Serializer :

  1. Projects handling : Serialize many pages at once.
  2. For each page or project, a destination directory can be defined (to put files directly on the web server).
  3. The files written on disk must be compressed.
  4. Graphical menus and buttons.

Navigateur :

  1. Graphical menus and buttons.
  2. .Proxy handling
  3. .The client should send the values entered by the user to the server.
  4. .It should tell the time needed to download
  5. Downloading of XML pages
  6. Cookies support

Release 2.0

Bugs :

Yes, release v1.0 is just finished and we already talk about v2 !

What's foreseen for this next release ?

First of all, the ability to read directly Java classes instead of serialized files. With release 1 and the serialization mechanism used, it's impossible to make buttons that reacts to a user event (for example, graying a non-valid check box) , that will change with release 2.

This release will handle downloaded .jar file, with update, suppress, copy on the user hard-drive...

For now, when you need to use a new release of a Java page, you must restart the Serializer tool. This won't be true for the next release.

ctually, Appliweb contains many problems, shown here.

1. The serialization mechanism, as provided by SUN, does not work very well. For instance, the table and textedit controls cannot be used ! I have great hopes in the updates of the jdk.

2.The buttons "Previous" and "Next" are not working perfectly, for instance, when used with a modal dialog box, but it's very difficult to design !

3. All the bugs you may find :

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