AppliWeb release v1.0 User's guide


1. How to use

1.1 Main principles

The general principles needed to use AppliWeb

1.2 The steps

A short description of all the steps needed to create a dynamic website with AppliWeb

2. How to design Java screens

2.1 Using an IDE

How to use your IDE to design AppliWeb compatible screens

2.2 The navigation components

Use these beans in your screens to link them and to transmit special properties to the client...
2.2.1 IDE installation
2.2.2 Use
2.2.3 What can not be done

3. The Serializer tool

This software writes your screen to disk

3.1 Start

How to install and run the Serializer

3.2 Writing a Java screen to disk

Explains the use of the Serializer

4. The servlets

Server components handling the dynamic datas of the Java screens
  4.1 Example
  An example, with source code, on how to use this technology with AppliWeb.

5. The browser

How to use the main tool : The browser

5.1 Browsing

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