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04 / 07 / 2000 : Release 1.0 is just out !

Very good news for all developpers out there...

You can download here Appliweb release 1.0.

This release includes all the bug fixings, a complete Cookies support, a sample application with servlets, and a new skinnable user interface, thanks to skinlf.

Now you can make some really appealing web applications.




19/10/1999 : Visually edit your AppliWeb's screens with Forte !

Conversion from Forte for Java to BML

You can now download here an XSL file translating Forte for Java screen description files to Bean Markup Language compatible files that can be read by AppliWeb.

This XSL file is WD130899 compliant (see, then XSL link) and is understood by LotusXsl (or any compatible XSL parser).

You can now visually edit your screens using Netbeans, one of the best GUI editor available, this will create a .form description file. You give this file and the downloaded XSL file to LotusXsl, using for example this command :

java com.lotus.xsl.Process -IN "File.form" -XSL "Netbeans2Bml.xsl" -OUT "AppliWebFile.bml"

And then AppliWebFile.bml will be an XML file compliant with BML file format, which is understood by AppliWeb.

This translating file is freeware but still in test, you can modify it to your needs, but please give back all enhancements to us !
Click here to download.

10/06/1999 : Major changes :

Appliweb now handle XML page description files !

The last release of AppliWeb, Java application browser, allows you to use the BML (Bean Markup Language) standard from IBM to describe your application's screens. BML is based upon XML standard. It's a complete XML syntax that can describe all your graphical user interface in an easy to edit text file.

When AppliWeb reads one of these files, it will construct the Java graphical pages and display it, thanks to BML's tools.

For instance, the following BML file :

	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<!--CTYPE bean SYSTEM "file://localhost/C:/Apps/bml/doc/bml.dtd" >
	<bean class="Javax.swing.JPanel" id="mainPanel">
		<property name="layout">
			<bean class="Java.awt.BorderLayout"/>
			<bean class="Javax.swing.JLabel">
				<property value="Test de BML" name="text"/>
				<property name="icon">
					<bean class="gCollin.appliWeb.beans.LoadedIcon">
						<property value="../images/AppliwebBanner.gif" name="urlImage"/>
						<property value="390" name="iconWidth"/>
						<property value="52" name="iconHeight"/>
			<string value="Center"/>

will show on screen :

Other XML projects like BML are on their way (XWingML, Prototype, ...) and may be supported in the future.

More informations about XML and tools can be found at,,

The demonstration screens based upon XML have been made using Xeena, from IBM.

(c) 1999-2000 COLLIN Gérard