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Appliweb, a revolution for internet !

ome ideas are so simple and powerfull you tell ourself "Why didn't I think about it earlier ?".

Appliweb is one of these. Why ? Because it's combining the powerfull web browsing paradigm with

Windows or Macintosh user interface.

The concept ? (p. 2)

ppliweb is a new kind of web browser. It doesn't look for HTML pages,

but it downloads a real application window (with all the GUI controls) from a web server.

For example, the following image shows what gui you can very easily get for your application with Appliweb.

02/09/2001 : Appliweb is now under *BSD license ! A new release, which will include XML serialization, is under way. Take a look at Sourceforge.
03/07/2000 : Release 1.0 is out ! It's now skinnable ! Click here for more infos.
03/07/2000 : Forte ToBML file update.
01/04/2000 : Welcome to our newly updated site. like it ?
05/02/2000 : AppliWeb is going beta ! All functionalities have been implemented, the GUI is now much better and a sample application (with source code) is now given with the install. Check the new demo in the applet section.
19/10/1999 : A file translating Netbeans (Forte for Java now) gui forms to AppliWeb is available for downaload. This XSL file converts to IBM BML (Bean Markup Language) file format.

11/10/1999 : This site is now part of the Java WebRing !

10/08/1999 : A new release of Appliweb can be downloaded. The demonstration applets now support jdk 1.2.2 and Swing 1.1.1 !
10/06/1999 : Major changes : Appliweb supports XML page descriptions !
13/05/1999 : English version available ! Go to original french pages
10/05/1999 : The dynamic download beans are ready ! (cf developments)
02/05/1999 : Our project is now named AppliWeb. WebJava was already used !
11/03/1999 : AppliWeb on the web !


Compatible ?

ompatible with all your existing IT systems : Here is the path leading the conception of Appliweb. See how you can use Appliweb with minimal knowledge.


ppliWeb is developped by a web-maniac software engineer who is quite disappointed by HTML limits.


You think the same and wish to participate in creating a new concept, look for the current development page.
Any idea, remark or suggestion are welcome at Tell us what you think !

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