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Test Applet


This applet shows the main feature of AppliWeb : Dynamic page download from the server.

You should see, if all goes well, a screen below with 3 buttons and a combo-box : It's the browser.

"Previous" and "Next" buttons are used for navigation. Ignore the "Load file" button, it's no use in an applet, and the security check should prevent you from using it.

It's the combo-box that's interesting. It is pre-loaded with the pages you can find on our server. Choose one, PanelForm1.ser is the best, and press Enter.

The applet will download the file from the server, and display it. PanelForm1 is a welcome page. It contains a link to another file of the demo application. It is downloaded by clicking on the bottom "Next" button.

Another application will show you how to make a real internet software with AppliWeb.

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